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Expert Medical Billing is a boutique Revenue Cycle Management company founded by Dr. Tarek Shahbandar, a double board-certified Physician with 20 years of practice ownership.

“When I began my Pain Management practice in Merrillville Indiana, I soon realized that in-house billing was costly and inefficient for my practice. I quickly switched to a billing company recommended by a peer.

Years later and after trying and failing with many billing companies, Jacqui Bork and I decided to build our own end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management company that dedicates a team of experts to each client. After increasing our own clean claim rate to 98%, my practice revenue shot up and I was able to spend more time, money and energy on patient experience and care.

Even if you are skeptical about working with us, I highly recommend that you book a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.”

Dr. Tarek Shahbandar

Expert Medical Billing

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The Founder

Dr. Tarek Shahbandar

As a double board-certified Physician with over 20+ years of practice ownership,                  Dr. Shahbandar understands the back-office pain points that medical providers face on a daily basis and wants to solve common problems in the industry.


Dr. Tarek Shahbandar

CEO & Founder


Jacqueline Bork

Director of Operations

Our Customer Reviews


Dr. Adnan Shariff Podiatrist

To whom it may concern, Expert Medical Billing has managed the team that does my billing. They are knowledgeable in billing and in Revenue Cycle Management. My AR has been reduced to due to their team's efforts. Expert Medical Billing and their team are great assets to my practice.

Dr. Robert Colligan Podiatrist

Expert Medical Billing has been excellent since switching from our previous billing company. The staff made sure the transition was easy and painless! We feel that our success has always been their highest priority

Janelle Welch-Oliver, APRN Owner of Olive Branch Psychiatrics, PLLC

Jacqui and her team have been instrumental in opening my psychiatric practice. She has advised me on business and financial aspects that will help my practice grow. If any issue arises, she handles it swiftly. Not only is she a great business associate, but she has come to be a good friend who I can share laughs with as well. I look forward to having Jacqui and her team by my side as my practice matures.

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Simple and Effective Way to Cut Costs

Improved Billing

Our team of experts can help you cut costs with our lean structure and agile methodology which allows us to forecast, adapt and report accurately. We’ll audit your current Revenue Cycle Management Process and develop recommendations for you and your business.

The 4 Step Process

Free Consultation

Our team of Experts learns more about your current needs and what we can do to help you.

Free Audit

We audit your current Revenue Cycle Management Process and develop recommendations for you.

Begin Service

A dedicated team of specialists turn our recommendations into quantifiable results.

Adapt as Needed

Our lean structure and agile methodology allow us to forecast, adapt and report.

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